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EarMaster School 5.0 is a program for teaching ear training
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EarMaster School 5.0 is a program for teaching ear training.
Once the program is installed, it will ask you to enter your name in order to create a new user account.

After that, the game will check your system in order to configure your sound card and preferred instrument to play the songs.

You can then choose the Training Method you would like to use. You have three options: the Standard Tutor, the Jazz Tutor or the Customized Exercise mode.

When highlighting each mode, you will see on the right panel (the Exercise Area), the list of activities you will be using in that mode.

You can then choose the lesson you want to take, and press the "Next" button. The program will execute the chosen lesson.

The lessons will teach you about interval comparison, identification and singing; chord identification, inversions and progressions; scale identification; rythm reading, imitation correction and dictation and melodic dictation.

In each lesson a character will teach you the lessons, and will examine you.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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